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Should I test for mold now or later?

We suggest making sure you have completed all steps to clean, sanitize, and dry the building's exposed framing and substrates down to 16% or less (we can issue a written moisture verification).

When the building is dry, rebuild and allow building to acclimate to all new systems while running the AC in cooling with a 5" deep HEPA rated filter.

After this, if you are concerned about the quality of the indoor air mold levels, call us to perform a complete mold inspection coupled with an indoor air quality review and lab analysis of air sampling collected at the inspection. This is your ticket to ensuring you are breathing acceptable air. There is not a "mold certificate" but we do provide air quality analysis.

It's not, "do I have mold or not?," it's "what kind of mold do I have and how much do I have of it?"

We are here to answer your questions. Call or text us to book your moisture review today, and when the time is right, call us to book your IAQ/Mold Test!

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